Thu, 30 Jul 09

git init community

Late in February, at the Recent Changes Camp, I noticed some familiar faces and so walked into the Calagator Hacking session, hoping to spend a few hours learning and contributing to the code.

Alas, I was ill-equipped, lacking git. I had heard several people evangelize git, hold training sessions and in general rhapsodize about it. All the cool kids were using it. For several time and efficiency reasons, I had put off switching to git. Meanwhile, I was dealing with the practical annoyances, since many of my svn:externals were deserting to git repositories, forcing me to download tarballs.

So that day, with some help from some of the friendly Calagator folks, I got myself git. From there it was a short step to using github, and short time before I switched multiple client and project repositories to git.

As a result, my coding workflow has improved tremendously.

Sometimes, we need a nudge to stop putting things off and start doing something that improves our lives. And community meet-ups such as RCC, BarCamp, and OSBridge, are great at connecting and catalyzing people to do just that.

Thanks to all the great folks who infuse Portland with this community spirit.

Thu, 30 Jul 09