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02 Sep 2013

Stuff I can do (Almost) Anywhere

Thanks to a pocket computer with a touch screen, a nationwide wireless network infrastructure, and a variety of free services, I can do many things almost anywhere.

15 Jun 2011

Do You Want Free Engraving With That?

Via Eli Dourado, a speculation on: Why does Apple offer free engraving?

08 Apr 2011

Inviting the First Mavenns

This week, we sent out the first set of invites to people. Mavenn is still minimal but usable. We have working infrastructure for several kinds of information streams. The display is spartan, some actions and possibilities are not quite obvious. But its heartening to see people appreciate little tricks with bookmarklets and ease of use.

04 Dec 2010

Keeping Rails Migrations Rolling

Migrations allow Rails developers to easily incorporate schema changes as they develop and enhance their web application or service. Rails comes with a set of default rake tasks for migrations, which look for and load a set of time-stamp ordered files. By convention, these file names map to a set of class names, and on these, the migrator invokes the “up” or “down” class method as appropriate.

01 Aug 2010

Thoughts on Tilak

Twenty nine years ago, I participated for the first and the only time in an elocution competition. I was in elementary school, and the event was organized to commemorate the August 1 anniversary for Lokmanya Tilak.

21 Jul 2010

बोलती जे अर्णव, पीयूषांचे

dindi <p class="credit">Photo: Vinayak Yadav</p>