Fri, 19 Jun 09

TextMate - Thanks, Mate!

TextMate has increased my programming happiness. 


A well-crafted, elegant and intelligent text editor, TextMate is a rare combination of graphical power, customizable keyboard shortcuts, sensible project management and extensible smarts. 

Most importantly, it does all this with a speed and responsiveness that keeps you in the code flow. 

Nothing is skimped, nothing is extraneous, nothing forced. You are free to develop your personal interaction style that works best for you. Here are the things that I appreciate the most:

  1. Syntax highlighting and automatic indenting for a range of languages, including multiple scopes such as when HTML combines Javascript and Ruby.
  2. Quickly go to a file by typing just a few characters. The pattern matching for the dynamic file selector is powerful and intuitive.
  3. Ultra-quick Find/Replace at multiple levels. The Project level find is collapsible at the file level.
  4. Multiple file tabs that are easy to switch and move around.
  5. Code navigation, bookmarking and text folding.
  6. Rich set of language and task bundles with code generation snippets, macros for common cases and more.

Thanks to Allan Odgaard.

Also, thanks to all those who contributed snippets and bundles to TextMate. 

Fri, 19 Jun 09