Mon, 15 Jun 09

Sharing Augmented Reality

I enjoyed exploring the Smithsonian last week while I was in Washington, D.C. The exhibits are impressive, and the curation is enlightening. Here is just one example.

1903 Wright Flyer

The National Air and Space Museum has the original Wright Flyer on display. Yes, that is the actual beech and iron frame, with controls and engine from 1903 that flew at Kitty Hawk. The fabric has been replaced, of course, but I am pretty sure that the replica fabric mimics the characteristics of the original as closely as possible. The exhibit is impressive in its regard for history and heritage.

But the care in curating and creating a narrative is what provides the larger context for the Wright Brothers’ accomplishment. It illuminates the inspiring story of two entrepreneurs who use their knowledge and skills to set off on a larger quest. Through artifacts, images, audio-visual displays and hands-on models, our attention is drawn to the process of innovation. A methodical, analytical and empirical approach with the result that:

The basic problems of mechanical flight, lift, propulsion, and control were solved in the Wright design.

Even more interesting is how people react to the information and artifacts. Their urge to draw attention to certain aspects to marvel, discuss, and just share. Right then, right there with those present, or later in ruminations and retellings. Imprinting it with their own experiences and absorbing it into their perspectives.

And therein is an idea and possibly a new market.

Mon, 15 Jun 09