I offer technical and strategy consulting with broad expertise, innovative thinking and hands-on programming skills.

Product Management

  • Crystallize requirements, manage scope, meet deadlines.
  • Design systems to meet product and business goals.
  • Iterate features with customer development.
  • Automate marketing for user growth.

Data Strategies

  • Build models, apply analytics, discover trends, gain insights.
  • Use data, big or small, to increase profits or performance.
  • Turn data into actions by learning or applying rules.
  • Find patterns through clustering and classification.

Recent Projects

National Retailer integrating dynamic data-driven pricing of used media.

Textile Hive is a search and visual discovery tool for fashion designers.

HawaiiHere is a location-aware mobile web app for finding the best of Hawaii.

Regional Distributor analyzing historic sales trends to support Amazon marketplace sales.

Intel AppupĀ® SMB Store allowed MSPs to price and deploy software rentals to on-premise, cloud-managed servers. News and posts, now shut down.